Behind the Scenes off Palen Road

I spent most of my evening inside of and walking between the Bailey Room and Collections Room of the Brinckerhoff House.

Currently, there are two display cases set up in the Bailey Room with a journal written by Richard T. Van Wyck while he fought in Gettysburg and other major battles during the American Civil War.  Also on display are various dishware, medicine bottles, pipes, and large glass jugs, all which was excavated from the grounds of Abraham Van Wyck’s house in Wiccopee.

As of the Collections Room… Well, let’s say that it is under construction.

Collections Room 2

I am currently working inside the Collections Room, organizing everything.  It will finally not only be an accessible collection of materials, maps, and paintings of the Hudson Valley from the 18th and 19th century, but it will be a collection that people will want to access.

Blue Clamshell Boxes Filled with Records of the Van Wyck family in the Hudson Valley, and Sergeant Clinton Peterson.

Blue Clamshell Boxes Filled with Records of the Van Wyck family in the Hudson Valley, and Sergeant Clinton Peterson.

I hope that in the near future this Collections Room will be used by college students who are enrolled at colleges which are relatively local to East Fishkill.  Aside from just organizing this data is analyzing it and extending the historical narrative of the Hudson Valley.

With all this said, there is a lack of space inside the Collections Room, and that is because I opened up too many folders without putting them in sorted piles or folders.  So, for a night, I turned the Bailey Room into an archival laboratory, and started to categorize what I have already looked through over the last month.

Bailey Room 1

The EFHS recently bought three extra large newspaper boxes, in which I filled with newspapers, maps, indentures, and diplomas.  This new addition to the EFHS’s Collections Room will be utilized alongside the numerous blue clamshell boxes that the EFHS purchased in previous years.  Even though the boxes are empty, already they make the room more aesthetically pleasing.

Collections Room 4

One thought on “Behind the Scenes off Palen Road

  1. Great to hear about what’s happening at the East Fishkill Historical Society! Can’t wait to see what you uncover. Looking forward to coming over and having a look myself.

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