Moving and Creating New Exhibits in the Brinckerhoff House

ImageThis is a picture of the Bailey Room in the Brinckerhoff House of the East Fishkill Historical Society.  The Board has agreed that it would be the historic site’s best interest if we made a new exhibit inside of our main building.

These two display cabinets were emptied and moved from the 1820 One-Room Schoolhouse into the Bailey Room.  Some documents of Robert Van Wyck’s war diary, from the Civil War, will be moved from the older exhibit, which is currently in the upstairs of the Brinckerhoff House. The display cases from the upstairs of the Brinckerhoff House will be moved into the newly moved Ice House.  Inside the Ice House, there will be an exhibit of the history of the Ice House, other ice houses, and the ice industry of East Fishkill (and the larger Hudson Valley).  A lot of moving around and working hard, but our goal is to have a really nice exhibit room for this summer’s season.

If you, or anyone you know, has any information on ice houses, and the local ice industry in the Hudson Valley, please contact us (or have your friends contact us) as we encourage involvement from anyone interested.

Make Plans for Our Annual Strawberry Festival on Sunday, June 9th


Sunday, June 9th, everyone is welcome to The East Fishkill Historical Society, from 2PM-5PM, at the Brinckerhoff House Historic Site, 68 Kensington Dr., Hopewell Junction 12533, as we will host our annual Strawberry Festival. This year, there will be a petting zoo consisting of goats, lambs, rabbits and other furry creatures, and the 1750 Brinckerhoff House, 1845 Carriage Barn, and 1820 One-Room Schoolhouse will be open for tours. Drinks will be available all afternoon. As usual, there will be a tent to provide shelter from the sun, and hopefully not the rain. There will be live music from a local musician, and our evening will end with strawberry shortcakes.

The Brinckerhoff House

Part of the Brinckerhoff House was built in 1750, and then renovated and added to in 1785. Serving as the Home of East Fishkill Historical Society’s since the 1970’s, on our historic site, the Brinckerhoff House will be open for tours, this season, every Sunday from 12PM-4PM.

The Harlem Hellfighters: Our U.S. Army’s 369th Infantry in World War I


Set up in the East Fishkill Historical Society, Michael Barootjian, a curator, has begun to preserve primary documents which relate to Sgt. Clinton Peterson’s life in and after World War I.

The East Fishkill Historical Society was recently donated a diary of Sergeant Clinton Peterson of New York City’s 369th Infantry.  The diary was written by Peterson when he was in France, and it is titled, “Somewhere in France.”  Along with the diary, various items relating to his life and his wife’s life are now included in our collection.  The documents which we possess are rare and full of information about Peterson’s family, and life after World War I, but his war diary was written during World War I.  Currently, the Director of the East Fishkill Historical Society, Malcolm Mills, is transcribing Peterson’s diary, and other members, including myself, are working with the other various documents.  These documents were folded and were not protected or kept the right way for generations and decades, but we have put in much effort to ensure their conditions.

If interested in helping further research please contact Michael Barootjian at